40 more done well.

40mi. I rode with the group today, starting at 6:45am when some opted to ride at 6:30. I told Suzanne M I’d only be going 40mi vs the group’s planned 50 since I really didn’t need to blast out any more to do well at Loggerhead Tri next week. We rode as a group of approximately a dozen riders. no breeze but a warm morning, it was good to follow and not be the leader. Once at Bridge Rd, Lanae asked who was turning back, I said I was riding 40 and she said that would be good, she’d continue along with me to the Graham Park. If I was to be solo, I would have chosen to ride home on US-1 with the rolling hills. We steamed up Gomez Road and once near the park, Suzanne (leading the group)  went straight, apparently she wanted to only ride 40 miles, too. But no Lanae? We rode to the end of the road, turned and found Lanae pedaling towards us. We stopped at the park for a quick eat and bathroom break, then headed south again as a group of three. Suzanne has been noticeably faster on the new Kestrel TT bike. Her legs certainly have healed from last summer’s achilles issues. Her lead pulls and mine were faster than Lanae’s, I reminded Suzanne to keep that in mind, we definitely did not want to drop Lanae and leave her solo on Jupiter Island. We rode well, alternating lead and keeping Lanae on board. We latched onto a few other riders on the southernmost portion of Jupiter Island, but most of the pulling was done by Suzanne or myself. After the ride, I ran 3 miles with Lilia and Suzanne – a slow but necessary waltz around the duck pond. Everything is setup fr a good Loggerhead Tri. I am healthy, weather and water looks to be favorable, time to do nothing all week while in Orange County, Ca for a trip to visit our supplier, Trade Only. Well, maybe a run along the Strand…

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