Morning after LLS Bash dash

14 mi An easy, dark start at the store with Teresa, Megan and myself. Recapping last night’s fun and laughs, we ran the duck pond route and back. Add a stop to chat with the locals at the store for the 6am start, and I did well to stay involved at a good pace. I had to run ahead to use the Marcinski bunker bathrooms (the store is seldom an option anymore for that stuff) and had to scamper quickly at below 6:40 pace to catch the group before the turquoise rooves water stop. I started running and talking with Lilia, who was going slightly faster than the rest of the group. We yapped about the insanely slanted BQ times for young guys, (like hubby Chris) and ladies times etc. We kept a good pace to the inlet, where everyone took a rest room break and saw how hot and still it was coming up. The way back was into a slight breeze. We remanined a slight bit ahead of the other girls, to the water stop and then to the store. I had a quick turnaround planned since my next stop was Premier School in Westin. Gary Stern and Jessica were coming from Melbourne, so I had to zip home, shower and get southbound. Today’s run worked well, I cannot forget about distance a la feet as legit training for Switzerland!

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