Breezy hill run in no hurry.

7 mi By the time I get to the park, right at 5am, Jen Keyes is already there, parked and ready to run. She tells me Scott Wilkinson will be there to run with us. He was in California and Arizona for a month working. We do a lap (1/2 mile) off warmup then hit the hills. I only last 2 miles of hills before my body need a rest room, all this and no Moe’s on Monday night! Thankfully, they wait for me and I continue yapping and running. I do one Mile with John R. discussing Ashley and the local high school cross country scene. Then I’m back with Scott and Jen to finish the last two miles and see the sun gradually rise over Singer Island. I did my 1/2 mile cooldown alone in a nice cooling breeze from the west.

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