My Oddest 20

These new Skechers socks may have been the only part of the run that went as planned, they are very good!

20 mi. One of the more peculiar runs I’ve done…

I arrived at the Marcinski Rd bunker parking lot at 5:20am. We planned on starting at 5:30, but no Dave when that time arrived. I sent a text which must have woken him up, he replied and said he was sorry and would be another 30 minutes. I said I’d wait and we would start together.

He arrived and we saw a terrific sunrise with the silhouette of the palm trees framing the picturesque scene. We ran south on A1-A, the plan was to go to Mac Arthur Park on Singer Island first, then return to the beach road where we’d have plenty of water – and good scenery. Each of us had a 16 oz water bottle to start. A quick stop at the beach connection restaurant to visit the men’s room and top off my bottle. Dave had already drank his bottle near empty in the first 2 miles or less.  (A sign.) We ran towards PGA and onto Singer Island. We had each prepared to run this like a race, I brought salt pills and an M&M canister for Dave. I was tryingt he new organic Pro Bar chews I purchased at packet pickup in Wellinton’s Fit2Run store. The plan was salt every 4 miles, chews every 5. We made it to St Paul Church and Dave was concerned about water. Once at MacArthur park, his stomach started giving him troubles and he was out of water. I gave him mine, about 60% full and said we could probably refill the bottles at the church when we passed by. I figured it woud probably be open for early mass. If not, that whole facility had to have a hose or some way for us to get a drink. Publix on PGA was not much further if it didn’t work out…

Dave presssed through running to the church, it was open so he (with a shirt on) politely filled up our bottles while I stopped to chat with the doorman/usher. Once we got back on the road, he was happy to walk and see if his stomach would improve. No luck we walked almost all the way to Publix. Once there, we refilled both bottles again. Dave said I should run a few miles solo while he rested to see if his stomach issues would subside. I decided to run out and back to MacArthur Park again, adding about 4 more miles to my total.

I returned to Publix, Dave was sitting in the sun having finished a bottle of milk. He said the dairy sometimes calmed his system down, but not today. I said I would run back to the car and drive to Publix to get him so he wouldn’t have to walk home. I did this piece at a higher pace, some between 7-7:20 miles. My left hamstring was strained, not feeling the same as the right side. This convinced me, running alone at a good pace, to commit to getting it treated at Dr Larivee’s next week. I stopped at the Green Park to fill my water. I ran back to the car, drove to Publix and brought Dave to the parking lot. I said I may try to finish just under 5 miles to have our original 20 for the day. He surprised me and said he’d join in, now his stomach was in a good state. This worked out well, we ran to Carlin Park and back, a few water stops, and I finished with just over 20 miles.

I need miles at any pace for the half marathon I’m pacing in Melbourne, followed by the Palm Beach Marathon one week later. I will get the proper attention and care lined up for my leg this week, allowing for possibly 8-9 professional treatments before I pace the 3:55 group in Palm Beach.

I won’t forget this run – what a nutty experience we had!

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