An honest one

8mi.  First time in a long time I run the bridge the whole way. That’s a mile of warmup, a mile of cooldown, and six miles of hills. It’s cool out today, I run a few laps alone and a few with John Reback, before he peels off and does faster repeats with Matt K. I feel good about finally staying long enough to do everything, part of the shorter runs has been that the girls (Jen Q & Jen K get here and don’t have time for warmups, or they only do 1/2 miles warmup and cooldown. I can relax once I’m done with the workout, that’s a good thing!

One thought on “An honest one

  1. Hi, Dave! I did 10ish miles on the bridge today! After Sunday’s 20 miler that was the fastest I’ve ever done (10:39 av mile pace) I can confidently start tapering for LA on Feb 14th!
    Franci Jefferson

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