On a good track

16.5 mi – I started at 5 am with Janet, we ran to PGA and back in between 8:20-8:30 pace. Once back, I met with Erica for what she explained would be a 7:45 pace.

We ran behind Rick, Steve Jackson, Seth, Adam, and Mark Aitken. Erica sais she didn’t want to keep their pace, we were at about 7:30 when the daylight began. It was cool and 57 degrees, not much of a breeze.

We didn’t stop for water at the turquoise roofs, we continued on at now a 7:15 pace through Carlin Park and into the Inlet park. All of us made a quick stop for drinks and restroom, then back on it again, this time a little faster. Once we cleared Circle K (Pitstop) convenience store, we quickened the pace to between 6:55-7:05 per mile. I felt really good even with the 6 miles done earlier. We did stop for a quick water break on the way back south, I used the faint blue Gatorade for my drink. We came back the final 2+ miles at a good pace – Steve and Rick went ahead, Adam peeled off for the restroom and Erica and I followed. Erica stopped for a bathroom break and I ran solo to Donald Ross Road. I finished today with 16.5 miles, 44.5 for the week. This is more than my usual but it makes for good testing of the New Balance 1080 shoes I was sent to evaluate.

Once I finished, I waited at DD for winners of AG awards from Classics By The Sea to pickup unclaimed prizes.

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