13.1 progress test

13 miles. This run was a “test” of progress on my 15-week marathon plan. The idea was to use the long run one week about 6 weeks from the race and try to keep the recommended half marathon pace my goal calls for. That’s a 6:52 or perfect 1:30 half.

I did the first 3 miles solo from Dunkin Donuts to the Mobil gas station. The hardest part of that is leaving the parking lot and having the first mile not drag behind, forcing a below-pace effort in the other miles to make up for it. NOt a problem here on this workout, I must have been “scared to suck” it up, posting a 6:48 first mile.

It was hot and still out, as has been the usual. In my favor, I have crafted this plan and it’s recommended paces with the final goal paces being my starting point. I want to solidify the conversation pace, tempo pace and interval paces at track. Today was that test for the half marathon like I entered a race – and it worked.

I’ll put marathon pace efforts into future long runs, but I was happy with this effort. Yes, I stopped for water along the way and a brief restroom break at the inlet. Running back with Adam, Ryan, and Steve Jackson made for a peppy pace. Even when they picked up and ran sub 6:30 pace to leave me at my 6:50-ish speed.

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