Garmin burp

6 miles. Yes it’s hot when you start at after 3 pm in July. This run felt very good – maybe it was the bike ride yesterday and massage Saturday after a fast run. It was hot and I only had some shade spots in the first and last mile as clouds covered the sun.

The Garmin wacked out on Mile #3. It started giving readouts of 5:10, 5:05, 4:50 pace. I wasn’t running faster and the course through PGA National was the same route I always use. It said my middle mile was a 6:20-something pace which skewed my average. I wasn’t picking up the pace or trying to run near that fast. I would think my average pace was below 7:27, but not the 7:16 the Garmin found using that fast 3rd mile. In my second mile, even with the heat, I felt good going a 7:14 pace. With 6 more weeks of training in the heat, I hope that is the norm in a month!


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