Summer of Sloshing

18 miles. It’s me. I am the one.

I used to get a good laugh out of running with my friends that sweat too much. I mean REALLY sweat, like leaving wet footprints behind on dry pavement behind you kind of sweating.

That’s me now.

I don’t know how or why this summer became the time to be so “glistening” wet on every run, but it is my reality. I have new shoes, Hoka Clifton 7 which I like and know perform well for me. It’s not their fault. On most runs over 7 miles I get a squish and slosh definitely on my left foot, and most of the same on my right side.

I am not pouring water over my head. I am not running faster than I used to or should be. Something has changed whereby my sweat rate has picked up. I start sweating earlier and it keeps coming.

Drying my shoes and their inserts happens every day now.

I am training for the Fall Boston Marathon on October 11th. That has me running 3 specific workouts each week and 3-4 regular easy runs. Even the easy runs have me sweating considerably more than I am used to. Our group has positioned our runs at places where we can rinse or shower off after each one, because it is so very hot and humid outside for the workouts. I have a 10 ft hose and a water spigot tool to use county facilities when we are in a park. It has definitely become a part of every run I do.

Today’s effort was an 18 mile long run with eight 3 minute marathon pace intervals sprinkled in the middle. We know where to start and how long the intervals last, so the route is well established. I wasn’t at my true marathon pace except at the very beginning pf each interval. Running hard (but not all out) saw my pace in the low 7 minute per mile range – 7:05, 7:10, with some 7:25s near the end of the intervals. The heat affects me more this summer than in past years.

It’s two solid more months of run training before the race. I will keep it up and continue adjusting accordingly to the fact that I am the sweating guy that squeaks and sloshes on the group runs.


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