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Fun Runners Thirsty Thursday

5.15mi. How hot is Juno Beach after 6pm? Still TOO HOT!

I ran with Adam Bloom to just past the Jupiter Reef Club (20min out and back). I know our pace going was 7:20-ish. Coming back we went faster, Adam makes that a habit on his Thu Fun Runner events. The final stats said 7:15 pace, most of my quick look-downs at the watch had 6:45 pace for the way back, so not sure how that came to be. It is still difficult to gulp down the pace in the heat. The sun drops below the trees on the far side of A1-A, but then we cross the street and have it generously shading only our ankles.

This is a good follow-up to track workout earlier in the morning. I need new shoes!

We had beer after in the parking lot. We told Tom P. that he’d be riding in a racing push-chair for next week’s Beer & Wings 5k event. He is excited as are all of us that are piecing this plan together…



Recovery switch-up

honda-classic-logo-black.jpgUsually, I snap right to the weekly run schedule post marathon. This marathon was a different experience. I fumbled through the final 10 miles with stomach issues, unable to hold down gels, salt pills, and walking through water stops. An uncharacteristic performance!

This week, I didn’t wake up early to workout at all. I ran with the Fun Runners Tuesday night and through “Honda Classic enriched” PGA National resort on Thursday night. These two easy-paced runs were enough to clear out the stiff feelings in my legs. I’ll switch my focus to more intensity for shorter distances since I have no marathons ahead to race.

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