2018 Sunfest 5k

3.1 mi.  Time to go fast in warm weather. Last year I received a comp entry but was not put in the proper age group. I was listed as "uncategorized" so I was not eligible for a prize. I did a warmup run of about 2 miles with Jen and Maureen. I knew it was … Continue reading 2018 Sunfest 5k


SunFest TGi5k

3.1 mi. This was my first time running this race. I've been a few times as the emcee/announcer, and always thought, "Gee, it's very warm and still out to be blasting through a 5k." The race begins at 5:30pm so it can be over and out of the way for the beginning of the regular … Continue reading SunFest TGi5k