B2B 60

60mi. I expected a more relaxed ride than yesterday, even though our route was to be the same. I saw Suzanne’s new Kestrel 4000 for the first time, what a beautiful bike! I was expecting to see something in orange, but she explained that the orange one came with Shimano Di2 electronic shifters, not what she wanted. The white and red wine colored framcset she now has will be perfect to match clothes and components, may she ride “fast and safe” was my wish for her. The group started slowly up towards Carlin Park, a loud pinging sound happened behind me, which amounted to Lanae’s rear tire separating into two pieces and blowing out. No injuries, we headed north. Once on Jupiter Island, Christina Butler was yelling at plenty of riders to organize and line up, as if she was the de facto leader of the ride. I made sure she knew this wasn’t good by me – after her first pull I sarcastically referred to her in congratulations and the “pit boss.” We made a nice pace to Bridge Rd, once we started to leave I saw Suzanne S. and two other riders ahead up the road. I went between the group and them, to have Christina Butler yell towards me, “Leave her alone!” At this I slowed and asked her if she was talking to me/ Either she was and found herself embarrassed or she was yelling ahead to the guy riding next to Suzanne. She wouldn’t answer me outright, then tried to change the subject and ask me what kind of job I had… I later learned that some were commenting to her on her bike shorts, apparently they were fading in the back and becoming see-thru.  Some riders like Suzanne S. and Rick went to Dixie Hwy, I forgot this and went with most of the others up Gomez Road. Jerry K was behind me most of the way up Gomez Road, he would have known and mentioned if my paceline etiquette was out of sorts. I always get the feeling I may not adhere to someone else’s strict rules of the road, which maybe explains why I solo ride most of the time. On Dixie Hwy, the group started to strecth out, with Chris Drew and another rider pressing ahead. I rode with Suzanne M. and Adrienne, we cycled thru once and were gaining on them. On my next pull I asked behind me if they were ready to go fast – I did and found I was left alone, between the girls and Chris and another rider I later learned was Scott Simpson. I never caught them, riding solo most of Dixie by the tracks and thru Port Salerno. I met up with a couple that caught me, so I tagged on with them to go past Sandsprit Park and towards Indian Street. Once on Indian Street I rode ahead of them and made my way tot he bridges. Adrienne and Suzanne came up near me, we climbed together on a breezeless mornig with plenty of in your face sun. We stayed for what i thought was an extended stop at the tiki hut, meetinga nd talking with Jen Davis as she solo trained for her Clermont Ironman race. We left as a group of six or seven, Sal and Rick joined us again. We stayed together thru Port Salerno, riding quick behind Sal and Rick on Dixie, and all the way through to Bridge Rd on Dixie. We met a few other riders that stayed partially near us down Jupiter Island, but mostly it was our group doing the work. Once near Corla Cove Park, Adrienne was being coached to add gears and gut out her final pull by Rick. I was behind her so when she peeled of, I took off, looking to sprint most of the way to the bridge. That was fun, and after yesterday, I wasn’t as shocked to see high 20’s on the speedometer during my press forward. We waited and rode slowly to the bridge, Suzanne M. said she was tired and not feeling well so she may drop back. She didn’t however, suing the new bike to stay very close and with our group. We strung out going down thru Jupiter and Juno, finishing with 60 miles at around 10:25am. We all went to DD for recap and to talk about Rick and Suzann’e big TdF trip coming up this week.

Good weekend of cycling for me. I opted to bail on a long runa dn throw something confusing and challenging at my legs. I think it helped a bit physically and more so mentally.

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