Low on fluids

7 mi. Today I ran 5 laps and the usual warmup and cool down. Lani and Chiara were both early starters with me at 5am.  First thing I noticed was the north side construction fences were cleared away, and the lights at the top crown of the bridge were all turned off. I ran with Lani, spoke about her trip to Ft Meyers and long run with a multi-time WS100 runner. She mentioned her head was feeling light, her stomach queasy and nauseous. We eased up at the west side, happy to turn east and run into a breeze, even if it was a slight one. I had to skip out to the men’s room after only one bridge lap, barely made that before I had to! We stopped and drank fluids, but Lani never felt right. Even as we finished, she said her stomach was uneasy and she theorized a long day in the pool meant she may not have had enough fluids yesterday and today so far.  This did prove to be the issue, as later on in her day she sent me a text saying her EMT friend with a quick eval said she was dehydrated. She drank Pedialyte and hit the bed at 7:30pm.

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