There’s a lesson in every ride

30 mi.  What looked like a tranquil solo ride to the Inlet and back ended up with rain and wind on the back side of this workout. I left home after sunrise. I still had my lights on and blinking, knowing that cars really aren’t expecting me out there that early. I rode up Military Trail all the way to Indiantown Road. It was a good pace, 22-23mph with a nice high 90s low 100s cadence. To the let east on Indiantown, no issues, light traffic and no wind either way. I refilled my bottle and headed south on A1A. I immediately felt the weather changing, breezes from the south and SW, I really hopped off my bike and checked to see if my wheels were rubbing against the brakes or frame, it was that noticeable of a difference! I pedaled south and breezes turned into wind. I saw up ahead darker clouds, once I reached the pier it was apparent I was going to get wet. I hoped I could delay my arrival in the storm ahead or skirt around it. No luck. Once I approached the duck pond and Juno Police station, the wind kicked the arin into my face. It got more intense as I went south, a quick peek ahead revealed grey cloudy roads ahead = more rain! I road through it, hoping I could stop at KrankIt and wait the storm’s passing out. The studio was closed, so I kept going into more rain. Once I passed PGA, it slowed, I cleared my orange M-Frame lenses and kept digging into the headwind. In NPB I saw Robert D. running and later west on Northlake I saw Teresa doing the same thing. I didn’t think she recognized me. A text message after the ride confirmed that, she was trying to keep a certain pace and couldn’t out together who was calling her a “rock star” that early in the morning on a lonely and now wet ride. I got back home after enjoying a partial tailwind on Northlake heading west, then because of the showers I rode through, I had to completely clean and de-rust the bike. I’m glad I snuck in a ride before flying to Chicago with John today after lunchtime.

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