Hinsdale smaller neighborhood run

7mi. This later start for a 7 miler had us running mild hills through a beautiful neighborhood. We met and started at the same park as yesterday, veering in a new direction once leaving the system of park trails. This neighborhood had plenty of nice custom homes, many owned by McDonald’s senior execs. Mike told a story of one home he worked in that was  owned by Ray Kroc’s maid. He couldn’t pay her in the beginning, offering instead to give her stock in the new food chain company. Years later she had 5% ownership and did very well for herself. Mike said her son was living there now, a nice home on a lake with very nice appointments inside. The other homes were all custom builds, very good landscaping, and made the run very interesting. The few that weren’t up kept to high standards were usually for sale. It was not as shady as yesterday’s hill run, but the temps were low 70s so I felt good. I brought the same Nathan water bottle with Nuun tabs, but didn’t take the belt this time. We cam back on the same route, now much brighter and bathed in warming sun. I explained to John and Mike the track workouts I participate in, emphasizing that anyone can do them at their own pace. I’ll summarize some of the last few batches of my recorded intervals and send them to John along with a link to this blog.

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