Time trial

13.5 mi.  Really, when do I train specifically for one race. Never! So here I was with a Saturday long run and no idea what to do. Chiara said she’d come at 6, as did Suzanne M. I arrived at 5:30 and ran with Gary Walk and Dave Stone for 3 mi around the duck pond. What a good warmup at 7:30 pace, for an attempt at finishing the 10.5 mi store run in 7 min miles or less.  I told both guys this plan, Dave Stone said he’d run it with me, Gary wanted to do his own different pace. I started out already sweaty and pumping well, using the Garmin for a change to make sure I didn’t wander off mentally and mix in a 9 minute mile for no reason!  Breathing was good and legs responded well, it was very nice to have Dave to talk with up to Carlin Park, now the sun is rising, and to the Inlet turnaround. I stopped the Garmin to make a quick bathroom break, and continued. When I started again I noticed the short break allowed sweat to accumulate on my whole body, so running again felt cooler as the air crossed my wet skin. Once out of the park I tried to do some increased turnover running to change things up. My legs responded really well to this, Dave Stone didn’t want to match my new 5-10 second pace so he was now a few yards behind me. I went up thru Carlin Park’s driveway to emulate Loggerhead’s finish route. I ran to the turquoise water stop and spoke with a few people there then continued south. I ran upon Suzanne M. and Lisa Reiss who went to Carlin Park and back, they noticed my pace was not an ordinary Saturday am long run effort. I made it back to the store on a stifling hot day in time to log an average pace of 6:52. Can I do this for three more miles? Yes, in 6 degree weather, I know I can. Next stop – Sea Wheeze Vancouver!

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