Rain delay

20121119-085505.jpg4.5 mi. I don’t have to cancel out of runs often, but today was a winner. I started with Lanae at 5:00 from the store, looking to do 16 miles. Once we turned on A1A heading south we met and passed Carol Hahn and Laura, her friend from Wellington. Lanae stopped for a bathroom break at French Connection restaurant, when we started again I felt rain. Carol and Laura had passed us again, and they were carrying black plastic bags in case of rain. We passed them at the dark driveway to Seminole Landing, that’s when the rain started in earnest. Big winds and sideways rain chased us down the dark path by the FP&L light. We ran through ankle deep puddles and tried to stay on the paved path – tough order! We made it to the first retail strip south of the Seminole neighborhood – and dashed under an awning to shield ourselves from the storm. Carol and Laura were quick to join us. Even under the generous awning, wind blew the rain in sheets all over us. We waited for the storm to mostly pass over, tracking it with Lanae’s radar app via iPhone. The run back was down the middle of the road, some of which was covered in unavoidable puddles. We ran back to the store, saw a few people leaving late to start their run, but I opted to go directly home and warm up. The rain, drop in temperature and saturated clothes really made for a cold version of Dave the Saturday runner.

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