Riverbend 5k Green Run

20130226-164302.jpg3.1 mi A warm morning for John’s first “real” 5k race. He did a 5k event with the scouts at the National Jamboree in 2010, but it was mostly a run, shuffle, jog, walk event designed to set a new record for youth 5k attendance. This was legit. The race was chip timed, kinda sorta half way. Meaning there was a chip on every runner’s bib, but no timing mat at the start line. So gun time was the reality for all runners. 75 degrees was not ideal conditions, and my guess that the tree-lined course would be cooler proved wrong. We ran a warmup jog with Kathy Bronstein and Paul Reback – I wanted John to get a quick dose of Paul’s demeanor and humor. I saw and started with Dave Capparelli, he and Roisin were doing the run. I told John I’d run at a 6:30-6:40 pace. Based on the fast marathon I had run 6 days earlier, that was a good expectation, a 20 minute 5k. Seriously, I was not expecting to pour a time within 4 seconds of my best-ever 5k out on today’s course in today’s conditions. The recovery I’ve been experiencing is most impressive! Watch as the Protandim helps me click off another impressive performance backed up to a strenuous event.

When we started running, my feet were kicked by a guy behind me in the first 1/3 of a mile. When I looked back, he said, “Run your line, don’t cut me off.” I replied with a terse, “Stop yourself!” I thought we were scrambling to get out of the way of the many kids that started up front. Now I was determined to not let whomever this guy was in the brightly colored shirt pass me. I didn’t know the course but figured unless he was really quick (unlikely that I wouldn’t identify him as a local runner) he wouldn’t catch me unless I broke. With John somewhere on the course behind me and now this guy trailing too, no way was that happening! I followed but lost sight of the three male leaders, John Reback, Ed Turrentine and Mark Cudak. One girl was ahead of me, didn’t know who it was but made a hunch that it wasn’t Ashley Reback, I know she is much taller than I am. Making mile post #1, I didn’t check my time, I just kept glancing at my pace on the Garmin. I saw plenty of 6:0… something and a few 6:20s. The trees make things difficult for the Garmin, as do the “out west” terrain trails. Who knew how accurate the Garmin would be? My driving thought was to keep going at this speed and control my breathing. My legs would be less likely to pucker out, because as I neared the halfway point (not marked on the course) they felt good. I thought the 2 mile post should have rolled along sooner, it seemed long. Once I knew I had only a mile left at almost a 6 min pace, I felt better, but now my breath was laboring. I got a cup half full of water at the aid stop, after a girl held one out, retracted her hand at the last minute and got a blouse full of water as a result. Once I made it on to the street, I knew there was less than 1/2 mile to go. It was work now, breathing and keeping myself focused on not giving in to the “just walk for a few seconds” urge. I came past the flour-poured start line, up the small rise to the bridge and finished fourth, 19 seconds out of third place overall, but with a win in the Master’s division. That’s great, because with that came a $100 gift card at Fit2Run!

John and I ate the parfait samples, fruit, drinks and I git a quickie 15 minute massage. Adrienne Papa won the female Master’s prize, Courtney Zboyen won female overall only 9 seconds behind me, I guess she was the girl I passed. It was a nice entry to 5k racing for John, and a good showing from my legs, 3 marathons into 2013 already!

20130226-164330.jpg riverbend 5k 1          riverbend 5k 2 riverbend 5k 4   riverbend 5k 5

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