Our coldest day yet

4 mi.  Lucky. When I can say our coldest morning for a track workout was 46 degrees with a breeze from the Northeast, that’s lucky! I came dressed ready – no running tights but an Under Armor long sleeve top, a cotton shirt for wind protection, and some knits cheap-o deluxe gloves. A few others came much warmer – blankets. coats, big ski gloves. Perry came ready hawk eggs, not many buyers this morning. Erica told Paul her workout for the week was to do 6- 800m runs at 3:00 (6 min mile pace). I did the warmup in a lulu thick sweatshirt along with my other gear – the breeze was cold. I ran the first one – that was at 2:57 and it felt tough on my lungs, I wasn’t ready to go that speed yet I guess. The remainder of the 800s were 2:57, 2:58, 2:57, 2:56, 2:56. I couldn’t cool down, sun was rising and I had to get home. Glad Paul adjusted the workout to match what Erica had planned, and this was my first run since last week’s track session. 😦

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