The prescription

50mi ride/3mi run. This is what I’m supposed to be doing – like a prescription, the success in an Iron-distance event is based on my ability to click off rides and connect competant runs to those rides.

I met Sal at 6:30pm at Loggerhead Park. A new event, “Oceanfest” had some of the parking goofed up and the stretch of A1A between Loggerhead and the pier blocked with vendor booths, a stage and a ferris wheel. We rode around it on the sidewalk, not to be repeated we agreed, it was US-1 on the way home. We rode below 20 mph on the way up, kind of with the wind. It looked as if the wind was coming form the east, but really it did come from the southeast. We stopped briefly at Bridge Rd, then continued north. We thought we’d ride to the tiki hut, but near Sandsprit Park we agreed a 50 mi ride would be best. Fine by me, I wanted to run after riding and that meant more time for that. On our way up, we rode side-by-side and talked most of the way up. That was good!

The way back had us joined by a few other riders, Izzy and a few guys. On the way back – Sal got a rear flat. We stopped at the roadside, he repaired it, then we made our way south into a significant wind. I wanted to get a few good pulls in, being that without the group I’d do half with just Sal and I. It really kicked up along Dixie Hwy and on Gomez road. Finally back on Jupiter Island, we switched on and off paceline style, with the final two pulls really taxing my legs. I looked to keep the speed at 21-22 mph when pulling, no matter what wind I faced. Sal and I stayed on US-1 from the ighthouse to Loggerhead Park, finishing with 49. something miles.

I ran around the duck pond alone, stopping to bathroom break in the bushes at the Juno Beach Town Center. I had a nice breeze and realized while I ran, I need this and I need to keep it going regularly. Like a prescription!

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