Rolling towards Boyleston St

16 mi. I missed my chance to run in cooler weather by staying out late Friday night, not waking up Saturday at 4:30am to start running at 5 solo. So my Sunday began a few minutes later than planned with a loner workout. I started atLoggerhead park and headed south in the dark. To PGA Blvd and wrapping around to where that little bridge connects Singer Island to the mainland, that’s my turnaround. At each 3 mile increment, I stopped and drank the water I ran with. This held true at mile 3, 6, 9, and then more frequently after that. I was not doing well stomach-wise, I felt odd from mile 4 til my finish.

Once it was light out, I was running north. Erin Hodel rode past and talked to me for a bit, and I kept running past and then meeting up again with two girls and a guy that were training for the Ocean City Half Marathon. I spoke with them coming back from Carlin Park near the top of the small rise in the road. (I won’t call it a hill). Because I started at Loggerhead, I knew I’d have to add extra miles in to get the 10 after coming back up from PGA. I ran past Circle K up to Guanabanas and then back down and through the inlet circle. I stopped for water often and stopped my watch each time. So the impressive numbers are padded in the enclosed photo. I didn’t run it like 16 miles in a marathon would get – non stop and clock running even for water. It was a relaxed effort that had my run string when I was on the road but with a stopped clock otherwise.


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