London, Ontario Run #3

5mi. Temps in the 40s have me thinking I might want to dress warmer than the tank top. I chose a white t shirt that I had already worn, figuring it would be a little warmer and I’d be most visible. The Weather Channel app said misty rain, but the MyRadar app told the truth. If I could do the run at a good pace, there were no threatening clouds that I’d have to deal with.

The route was the same as last Run #2. Not many people out walking or cars oon the road. Everything was wet but I made a good effort not to get my Skechers damp, I’d prefer wearing those today vs the dress shoes I brought! It wasn’t a rave about run, I am happy I did the pushupsm situps and 5 miler before the sun rose. I didn’t sleep well so getting up early was easy. Another road run in the log!

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