Forty wind two

IMG_4503.JPG40 miles – Second day in a row for a ride to the Loblolly end of Gomez Road in Hobe Sound. It is cool again, windy again, and about 1:30-2:00pm. I think the ride yesterday makes my legs a little softer, I don’t feel I have the “pep” I did on Saturday. Today I remember to bring a Clif Bar for the turnaround, and we include a second water bottle on my bike again for Jessica. The breeze is gusty at the Tequesta Bridge and that spurs me to think of going a small bit faster than yestrday as a thing to concentrate on.

I tried to ride at 18.5 mph or better up Jupiter Island. Sometimes I put myself in a more upright position holding my CeeGee pads to allow Jessica to have something significant to draft behind. She has plenty of power throughout the ride, even though she cannot “get aero” and tuck into the breeze with her bars. We return to the Hobe Sound Beach Park, some of the same people are there from yesterday. We don’t stay long, riding further up north into the wind, anticipating the better conditions we’ll have all the way home. And it’s just like yesterday – with the wind, sunny and not too hot. I notice I don’t feel as euphoric as yesterday, but I am enjoying the ride and company for sure. We are not among many cars on Jupiter Island, so we can ride off the bumpy strip of wobbly cement that has formed on the road. We don’t hit any open bridges there or back, a few momentary stops at traffic lights but that’s all. We zip breeze-aided down Beach Road and return to Jessica’s house. A light stretch and it’s back to the beach for some welcome rest on the sand in sunny but cooler weather.

I’d like to say I had done the last two days worth of rides for training, but no, I am just enjoying doing this activity with Jessica. I don’t yap with her the whole time, she has music in one ear and I would rather feel and hear the ride than talk all the way. It works well, two smiling finishers each day are the proof!

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