A double up

IMG_4506.JPG12 miles – An early morning wake up had me driving down I-95 to meet Erica in Mallory Creek to sprint 6 half mile repeats. i had done this with her once before, so I knew the route. We had to complete them in 3:00, all of ours were completed in under 2:55 with the fastest in 2:51. It was cooler in the morning than I have seen in Florida in awhile. I wouldn’t run this fats on my own, it’s good to come and be a part of these workouts. We ran about 3 miles of non-interval distance along with the half miles. Erica gave me a chocolate protien drink when I left for the beach to meet Walter for a run along the shore.

I had about 45 minutes before I was supposed to meet Walter at Loggerhead Park. He wanted to run about 6 miles, during which we could discuss some of what could be developing with Nerds On Site. We had a NE wind and it was still cool for shirtless running. We noticed how many cyclists did not use rear blinking lights while riding. Even less use a front light. An idea to have a cycling education day ride or seminar with pass-out cards is a good one. There is definitely fault on both sides of this issue.

Walter’s knee stiffens up when he stops to drink, so he continues jogging in place and runs quickly through water breaks. Our pace was below 9min miles the whole way, it was a good morning of exercise. I showered quickly under the Loggerhead shower and went back home for food.

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