Thursday Housewife Brick ride


40 mi bike/ 5 mi run – It was supposed to be a regular 30 mile ride, that one on Thursdays that I’ve missed for all of December! Walter wanted to ride Friday, so this idea of going out today for longer came about. Suzanne said she was riding alone so we made the plan to do the brick – Walter wanting to pepper in a run after the ride.

It was advertised that the wind would be from the NE. That meant against it up the island, then enjoy a breeze push on the way home. Our ride didn’t turn out that way. We pushed into the wind heading North, and then once at Bridge Rd, the wind started coming straight from the east. Ugh, bitten both ways? Yes.

We went through past Bridge Rd to Gomez and the turnaround at Loblolly Rd. A quick stop for the photo above and we headed to the Bridge Rd beach park. For the bathrooms, a break, snacks and the photo below…

IMG_4844We came back, stuttered a bit by the US-1 bridge, then down the beach road. We did a loop around the duck pond to finish slightly over 40 miles.

Walter and I ran 5 miles following the ride. Great cool weather, full sun exposure, and terrific views of the waves and beach made it memorable. I didn’t wake up early to do the track workout – probably not what my legs needed, so this whole episode worked out well for me today!





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