5.75mi. If I didn’t opt to sleep through the Blue Heron Bridge workout, I would not have chosen to run a tempo session through PGA  National at 5pm in 88 degree direct-sun heat. This is how I repay myself for laziness.

I didn’t warm up, I went to the beginning of the park and started running. My goal was to stay below 7min mile pace. It was very hot in the beginning, and there was no shade for the first mile. Once on the long road that heads north along the Florida Turnpike, I am in sog me shady parts. The Garmin was slow at first, making me wonder if I could do ANY of this run below 7-minute miles.

I thought about stopping when I was half way out there, checking my watch that was at 3.2 miles. I knew I’d be happier if I didn’t cave in and walk, drink or take a rest break. It wasn’t that far from home, so I kept going. The final miles are all in the sun, thankfully it’s not in my face but mostly coming from behind me. I kept going into the recreation park and finished where I began, right near Northlake Blvd.

I was happy to have a 6:50 average pace for the almost 6 mile loop. Guess who will not be skipping the bridge run for a long while?

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