The B Ride

48mi. Second week in a row for this group. Our area has a large number of very fast cyclists. I am not one of them. No different than showing up for a Masters Swim meet, I came again to the Sunday 7:30am ride. Last week we went 32 mph on US-1, post-beer and wine at J.D. State Park manning the Palm Beach Road Runners tent. I did not make that error again this week…

I had two water bottles and a small mini Clif Bar. I did well to stay among the group, wisely not opting to pull too much in the first half. The second half went back home the same way, avoiding the searing heat of US-1 and associated wackiness that it would bring.

A group of all Spanish speaking riders joined us on Dixie Hwy heading back South. They were loud and not a bunch that would fit in with our group. At Indiantown Road, a Jupiter Police Officer pulled one of them over for being in the middle of the road. Maybe, maybe they will stay down in Miami next week…

I’ll likely keep showing up for rides like this. I cannot see myself doing the A Ride, mostly because I don’t care to work that hard. I notice the difference of zipping considerably quicker to each waypoint on the ride, that’s fun. I enjoy cycling, more so off -road but this is fun to try and challenge myself with each successive Sunday.

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