Double Miles

1-mile-sign-k-61985mi. We only get this once or twice a year… Two 1600m intervals in the same workout. Paul said this was the workout planned for the rainy Thursday a month ago that I saw on my iPhone radar app and chose to stay home for. Yup, it didn’t go away!

I ran the first mile at about two seconds ahead of Atilla, who had 6:06 for his effort. The second mile was a dash for time. I didn’t have a watch, I tried to keep within 100m of Seth Kaufman. I did that and on the last curve, I counted 15-16 seconds between him crossing the line and my own finish.

Atilla reported he did a 5:40 mile and finished a few seconds behind me. I didn’t feel I had run my fastest mile ever in the 5:30s, but if his watch and timing were accurate, my recent lean into more aggressive paces on runs is making a difference.

1mi warmup jog

400m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
1600m w/300m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery

1 mi cool down jog

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