Midday hills

8.4mi. I left the house with the wrong set of car keys. That should have been the signal things would be peculiar today. I seemingly had to stop at every traffic light, opting for the I-95 route to Blue Geron Blvd as I do when I don’t see a “green” path down Northlake Blvd. Once on Blue Heron, I hit more red lights, lights that are never active most Tuesdays that early!

My car was low on gas, so when I arrived at the new “President Barrack Obama Hwy/Old Dixie” RR crossing, I wasn’t well prepared for a long stop. There was a freight train parked across the road, not moving in either direction! I’ve never experienced that in over 15 years of running here that early. It never moved, 5, 10, 12 minutes, ok, I could not idle and watch my fuel meter on zero any longer. I turned around, drove to a well-lit gas station near the highway, filled up, and went back home.

At 1:00pm, I figured it wasn’t going to be a busy day, I should get that training run behind me. I drove back to the bridge and ran a 1 mile warmup in the rain. There were some law enforcement guys finishing a dive, that was interesting to watch. Plenty of gear!

I ran 6 laps like usual, but I was thirsty and low on fluids for all of the intervals. My pace was under 8 min miles, good on a windy day. I met a girl, Courtney, also running up and over the bridge. I told her about tomorrow’s PBRR social, she said she was looking for a run group in the area!

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-4-44-40-pmOn my solo laps, I thought about the most recent announcement from NYRR – that the USA Olympic Marathoners, our guys and girls would be the “Grand Marshalls” of the marathon this year! They will be at the opening parade, where I should be able to meet them. That was the best news I received this Tuesday!


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