Space Coast Half Marathon Pacing 2016

I had a smaller group than in years past, but a fun collection of runners spanning all ages. Hazel, a younger gal I ran with last year, explained that she wasn't able to keep up in 2015 so she "had to let Pacer Dave go." Our group had many good laughs with her about that … Continue reading Space Coast Half Marathon Pacing 2016

Post race surprise

5mi. I didn't want to miss the track workout today. Surprise, it's mile-for-time day! I wanted to run at 65% for all of the intervals. I did better than that, credit going to the 6 mile solo run I did after flying back from NYC on Tuesday. Mile went well, I didn't check my splits … Continue reading Post race surprise

NYC Marathon 2016 ~ The Race

26.2 mi. My second time for this amazing eventĀ and it was nothing like the first visit! Today I am serving as a runner guide for Achilles International. My role and responsibility is to safely run with my friend, Julie, and help her become a TCS NYC Marathon finisher. We woke up at 4:45am and had … Continue reading NYC Marathon 2016 ~ The Race