Miami Race for the Cure 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-7-05-10-pmI don’t post often about runs or races that I’m not involved in, but announcing for today’s Susan Komen Race for the Cure was a great experience. There were over 20,000 participants, maybe 1500 5k runners with the remainder opting for the 5k untimed run or walk . It took over 30 minutes for all of the runners to cross under the “Start” line.

I spent the morning telling folks about the registration process, the event shirt or race number pickup and the times of all the morning’s events. I loved the excitement of hyping all the people for their event. High-fives, start encouragement and quick hints at humor.

I will work to be involved with more events like this. It’s rewarding to get a crowd of that size chanting and singing as they participate in a great fundraiser!


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