Some are slower

8 miles. Some meaning intervals, whole workouts, etc. Yes it was still and as Paul said, “toasty” at the bridge today. Two parking lot laps led to me to visit the men’s room, empty of toilet paper, then the ladies room. Maureen and Mary had used it and reported there was paper in both stalls. And a woman passed out in stall #3. Two lady runners came as we were finishing, they saw the person sleeping on the floor and called 911. One EMT truck and two fire trucks came, they didn’t stay long.

I did the six intervals with Maureen, Matt and John R. Mine were all slower than last weeks efforts. Today’s sprints to the top were completed in 1:25, 1:27, 1:25, 1:23, 1:25, 1:23.

It was taxing and I couldn’t figure why each one was hovering at 5:45 pace. I tried counting a rhythm to my pace, keeping a heads up as I climbed, but no improvement. Last night I had a smoothie and half chicken wrap for dinner, nnothing out of the ordinary there.

Sometimes you don’t have the energy and the workout doesn’t shine.


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