Fix it

I had three Hanson’s Method SOS runs last week. Tuesday was running mile repeats at a 6:35 pace in 55 degree weather. That went well.

Thursday was a set of two 4 mile tempo runs at marathon pace, separated by a mile recovery. That was done in 71 degree more humid weather. It felt considerably more difficult.

Sunday was a familiar and usually fun workout, 14 miles at long run pace and the final 3 miles to be done at marathon pace. Temperature was again 71 -72 degrees, with a wind on the way up and a tailwind on the way back. The final 3 miles was challenging, I watched my speed drift from 6:40 pace, to 6:45, to 6:50. It was not easy to hold my true marathon pace.

Identifying a potential weakness isn’t fun, but I’m good knowing with 6+ weeks to go – This is something I have to address.

I recall that during triathlon training, specifically the swimming, it was good to exert energy and NOT have the ability to breathe whenever you want. This exercise for the cardio and lungs should give me a better handle on breathing better at marathon pace. It’s not an issue in cooler weather, and my race is going to be in cool or cold conditions. I do want to make sure breathing isn’t a hurdle to keep a high pace over the 3 hours I’ll be running.

I believe swimming will help.

~ dm

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