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More on the intervals

5mi. Today I used a different approach. If my challenge is breathing, I worked harder on the intervals and didn’t jog all of the 100m recoveries. I wanted to spend the energy on the track while the time was elapsing.

It worked out ok, no tremendous breakthroughs. I ran behind James and Steve. Seth was running but had a knee popping issue. My best 400m was 1:17

1 mile warmup jog

300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cooldown jog

It began raining when we finished. Maybe this is the beginning of cooler weather finally? I do believe that the hard work spent during the hot months will pay dividends once it cools off.


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