With sprinkles on top?

5mi. Today’s track workout was a 36 degree adventure. I’d say about 14 people showed, two guys in shorts!  I had the same gear on as for the bridge, and I didn’t shed a single piece.  I found that about half way thru, i felt a drop of sweat on my ear, dripping down from under my hat.  My fingers were cold so I retracted them into loosely clenched fists inside the PolarPaw gloves.  That worked for this short workout, I wouldn’t want to have that be the case for a longer run.  We did (after warmup) a 100, 100 recovery, 400, 100 recovery, 400, 200 recovery, 800, 200 recovery, 800, 100 recovery, 300, 100 recovery, 600, 200 recovery, 800, 100 recovery, 300, 100 recovery, 300.

The warmup and much of the workout occurred with the sprinklers on. Thankfully it wasn’t that breezy, so only in the far dark corner if you chose to run in the inside most lane did you get wet from the sprinklers.  When they shut off for good, it was calm with a tender breeze, made it feel almost warmer.  Almost as if the noise from the sprinkler was emulating the wind – when it stopped, it did feel better.  I ran well below capacity, Atilla asked what happened to the guy that was so fast last week… I said I was all stuffed up, limited from breathing out of two nostrils and a mouth to about half that this week.

The seat heater on my back followed by the steam shower was very well appreciated.

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