Chilly! But worth it.

13mi. A Saturday run from the store started at 5:30am with Adrienne, Chip, Suzanne and Angie .  Scott’s car was sighted in the parking lot but he must’ve started earlier or run with a different group.  It was by my car’s reading 52deg at the start.  Finish temp at 7:35 was 41deg.  We ran around the duck pond with the wind behind us and the beginning of a slight rain.  We spent most of the run into the wind (that came from the NW) and what I’d call a Seattle-style soaking rain. Not a Florida downpour, a cold, damp rain which when guided by a breeze, completely wet every part of you.  I was comfortable in my dress, a long sleeve Shamrock Run shirt, the Clima-cool Vegas shell, and DeSoto shorts.  I had the Polar Paw gloves on, but even then, the pointer fingers of both hands got cold, so I retracted them out of the finger to hang out with my palms in the main part of the glove. Strangely, the other fingers were ok.  My ears were chilled but not uncomfortable, I had a baseball hat to keep from getting a completely wet scalp and running into the breeze.  Good move!  We ran a relaxed pace, which was good for today anticipating a longer run for tomorrow.  I told Angie on the run back that I’d bring a strawberry vanilla gel of my liking so she could try one.  Her use of only 1/4 of an eGel is from her disike of the taste, I think she’ll like these that I use.  We babbled about Boston, kids, dress for inclement weather, and the friends we knew doing Disney’s Half and Full marathons this weekend.  Some say it could snow in Orlando… imagine that!  Tomorrow could be the coldest day I’ve ever seen since moving to Florida.  I’ll be ready.

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