Double Down.

The cold run...

23 mi. Yesterday was cold, today was scoped for colder. Chiara said she’d come, but a late evening txt from a restaurant let me know she’d be enjoying her meal experience some more from bed Sunday morning.  I heard Walter was also at one point coming, even though he told me he’d rather run later in the day and take advantage of the 10 degree temp swing.  Having done 13mi. Saturday, I was ok with canceling Sunday’s long run if it came to that, I thought if Charlotte couldn’t go then it would be ok. Even better would be if she was still interested in doing it – I could have many miles logged for the weekend, in the form of two longer style runs.  It’s not recommended, and I haven’t been keeping long runs as my norm, meaning it would be a significant leap in weekly miles, but so what.  What runner that I know doesn’t harken back to when they were in “that shape,” think they’re still ready for it now, and go anyway. Yeah, that’s me too.

Today was the coldest day of our winter season, 32 deg for the start. I heard the wind when I was getting ready for the run, so I smeared Vaseline on my cheeks, nose and chin.  That would help with a cold breeze! I was dressed correctly and made sure that I had the thick real ski gloves on instead of anything thin. My hands have little resiliency to cold, once they get the chill, it’s only a shower that cures them and not much more. I also had to bring my own water, I guessed that maybe the county might shut off the beach fountains if they feared a freezing of their pipes.  It never happened, but I had my small 35oz. belt Camelbak with warm water in it.  Next time, I’d change and go with HOT water, ’cause it cooled off pretty quickly. I also brought two gels and a lip balm.  All worked well, I only used one gel, we weren’t slated to run fast, so it was a novelty for me to eat that at 12mi.  We were going to run straight up Jupiter Island, but my awareness of the NW wind from yesterday had me suggest that we do 2 laps of the inlet run, familiar roads, water & rest rooms the whole way – Charlotte agreed.  I didn’t wanna be exposed to the wind in the beginning part of Jupiter Island.  The first way to the inlet was cold and dark out.  We made a habit of walking and drinking our fluids where the Sat water stops would normally be.  I stopped in a bathroom at the pier early on to pee and clean my glasses.  Char’s hands were cold very quickly, even with a liner glove and good ski mittens.  She said they warmed some later.  Mine fared better, my thumbs got cold so I tucked them in with the rest of my fingers til they warmed. Miles later – my hands got warm, then slightly clammy from sweat.  I was happy they didn’t chill like Char’s, she was hurting.

The first lap was ok, running back was nicer with the wind behind us, but the temp had not changed. We did an “over and back” Donald Ross bridge, then started another loop to the inlet.  I switched gloves with Charlotte, mine were warm and running into the wind chilled her hands quickly again.  My legs definitely felt heavier on this loop, the long miles were wearing on my untrained body!  At Circle K, I suggested we go inside so Charlotte could warm her fingers on the coffee warmer, she was very uncomfortable. We knew from Lap #1 that the way back to Running Sports would be better because of the wind, plus the sun and temps had risen which also helped.  It was a better than expected finish time, 4:04 including multiple walks to drink and rest room stops.  I was glad once we finished, it was earlier than I thought and a quick visit to DD for warm drinks felt great.  My clothes were pretty damp from sweat when I got home, I put most of them in the dryer to recycle for later, rather than dirty more an hour later…

I went mountain bike riding with some of the Boy Scouts at noon for 6-8 miles in Dyer Park.  I would have loved to have eaten a huge bowl of Manhattan clam chowder, slipped into bed fully dressed, and fallen asleep for two hours.  I was bushed!

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