Bridge and breeze

8mi. Today was another bout with the windy and cold bridge.  What started as a solo run ended up being a mixed bag.  I did laps 1 & 2 alone, #3 with Jon my neighbor, #4 with Adrienne & Angie, then I took a rest room break (you’d think I’d square that away at home, but it doesn’t always end up being that convenient). My last 2 bridge laps were with Kyle Smith.  I was dressed too warmly on the top, I felt that even during the warmup in the parking lot.  My ears were good under the hat, I had to keep adjusting it on the windy way up (west facing).  Overall I had heavy legs from a weekend of too much, but I’m satisfied I was able to peel off the whole thing on what could be the last significantly cold day of the year.  I hope it was.

I thought about what I might do for the A1A race.  I don’t have a compelling reason to go for a PR, maybe as I get closer this will change, and favorable conditions will help that.  I could just pace with a halfer and do whatever in the back half… that worked well last year.  If I do go for a fast time, I could sneak into an age group prize, this full doesn’t attract many people, looking back at the results from past years – some of the winners have been those that traveled in for the race.  The idea of staying down there is attractive, too, but only if it means getting to stay after the race and enjoy the impromptu party that happened at the finish line area.  TBDetermined!

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