Suddenly I See

What the runners behind me found at the bridge...

21mi. To the swift go the rewards. I’ve heard that before! Today’s long run was good on many levels. I finished in what I felt was a strong mindset, and because I put myself “in that place at that time,” I missed the drawbridge at Donald Ross Rd. and this weird and eerie fog that passed over the area. I ran the final two miles in the sun/overcast mix, getting to the store at just a few minutes before 8:00am. I had to zip home and take John to an early piano practice lesson makeup, so I couldn’t stay and socialize. In the time it took to get into my car and drive back up the DR bridge, fog covered everything, I couldn’t even see from the bottom that the drawbridge was up, or I would have opted for the Ellison Wilson escape route! As I crept up the hill to get in line for the gates to lift, KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” came on my iPod thru the speakers. I couldn’t see a thing out of the windows in any direction!

I started at 4:40am with Walter doing the bridge over and back for a relaxed 2 miles. Then we met up with Chiara, Adrienne, Suzanne, the new and improved Adrianna, and her friend Randy. We went to PGA and back for 6 more miles, I stopped for a restroom break at the French Connection cafe, otherwise I just chatted with Suzanne and Walter, who flies to Germany today for 6 days. We went back to the store, barely in time to meet up with the group, and went most of the way up to Circle K in the dark. I found Dave Capparelli waiting for us at Marcinski Road, which was good.  Having so many miles polished off before the sun rises, just as planned. I like that, especially in the 64 degree weather we had today!  Once we got to the Inlet turnaround, I went to the men’s room again, and then began the run back to the store at an enlightened pace, maybe 20-30 sec faster per mile.  Now it was just Dave, Chiara and I.  We ran to the water stop at the turquoise roofs, drank up, and started interval sprints between the palm tree islands.  Chiara probably had 6 or 7 in  mind. When I suggested we’d do close to twenty, I thought she’d call for a cab!  But what a run she had, we did 19 sprint segments, even when she felt gassed, she kept lining up and speeding up for the next one. I would peg her lower body as being sore today and tomorrow most definitely!  Adrienne and Suzanne followed not to far back, I am unsure if they did the sprints or not.  Once back at the store, we drank more and did the DR bridge. I didn’t have a watch, but knowing how much I was pressing into it, I guess my average pace for the 2 miles over and back was just over a 7 min pace, maybe 7:10.  It felt good to finish, as expected, and I know these long-fast-harder workouts deliver results.  My aerobic breathing and synthesis of energy over a long time probably is set – I need to ask for more performance through continued little “tests” like this.

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