Swim by accident?

Everyday 'cept Monday!

2000 yds. I was planning on a lunch today, and swim tomorrow. When the lunch idea folded, I moved the swim workout up a day. Today the pool was cooler than yesterday, or maybe the overcast 81 degrees weather with a breeze made it feel cooler. There were maybe 12 other swimmers, which always means I have my own lane. I hear many talk of the “lane sharing” phenomenon, I am very comfortable goofing up freestyle and flip turns all by myself!

Today was the same deal as yesterday, I feel my triceps and noticed maybe a little more of a kick, but not significantly much more. I feel great breathing, I hope this routine of exercise and lungs transfers over to running. The sun barely came out, so it never got too warm on my back. Like I’d complain about that? I should get goggles that don’t press so hard on my orbital bones, the two pairs I use are hard on my face. I could also use another tri type swimsuit, like cycling shorts style. I dont’ know how I’d fare in a marblebag.  If I leave them in my car for swimming, then I don’t need a cycling pad in them. Another day getting wet is good for me, I’m going to work myself back into the fitness shape I had in November – but not by the end of next week!  It may see that way, because I already have an aggressive run & ride scheduled for Sat & Sun.  Gold star for today, anytime I can do 2 workouts in one day, that’s notable.

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