Good spin up for 5k

Here's where the speed happens...

4mi. No cooldown for me today, I had to leave as the intervals ended to get John at his school early for a science exam refresher. There were a good number of people running this morning, warmer weather and the impending Race For the Cure 5k will do that.  Paul Reback was there today calling out the runs, but not running himself, he has an injured foot. He can ride and swim, but has to lay off the runs for 3 weeks.  He hopes to do the A1A Half marathon in Feb., he said he felt very good at the PB half a month ago – I hope it happens for him.

This spooky picture was taken at 5:15am with no flash, just

the lights from the parking lot illuminating the white letters on the sign. I think Paul saw me taking the picture, maybe I should get it mounted and have him autograph it for me!

Today was a good day to air out some speed, our workout was as follows:

  • 3 x 400m with 100m recovery in between ’em, 200m recovery at the end. 1st at 75%, 2nd at 80%, 3rd at 90%.
  • 2 x 600m, first with 200m fast, 200m moderate, 200m fast. 100m recovery then the second at a build, with each 200m getting slightly faster. 200m recovery.
  • 400m with 200m recovery.
  • 200m with 200m recovery.
  • 200m with 200m recovery.
  • 400m with 200m recovery.
  • 1000m with 200m recovery.
  • 2 x 100m with no recovery in between, they were run on a straightaway, when you got to the other line, turn, rest a moment and do the final 100m into the crowd of people running at us!

For most of these intervals I shadowed Erica, once on a 600m I went faster and tucked in behind Atilla.  My breath was the aspect that had me tanked – legs felt fine. Hopefully my plan of swimming again with staggered breathing exercises there will help me deliver faster times, that’s what’s holding me back. I can sprint fast, I run out of lungs!

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