Return to the Pool

2000 yds. Today was my first swim of the year. I was concerned about the water being possibly cold after the two weeks of 30 temps, but the Lake Lytal pool was a comfortable 80 degrees. Nice! I did a slow and easy 2000 yards. I started out too fast, really churning for 150 yards. That didn’t last, I slowed enough to make it manageable. I started doing flip turns, but then switched to regular turns later on the workout. I felt good about 750 yards into it, better breathing and no fatigue from my shoulders.

I tried to watch the better swimmers and see where they excel. One guy next to me had a powerful kick. He generated a good deal of forward motion from the legs. I don’t really kick much at all, and when I do sometimes I get cramps in my toes. I think that has some to do with not being well hydrated prior to the swim. I can improve here! I like looking under the water at swimmers – it really shows the form and style of side to side strokes. As it should be. I suppose I could watch slo mo videos on YouTube as well, that would be helpful. I’m glad I went and will look to visit again Friday. It’s January, this is cool!

Why wouldn't more people do this on their lunchbreak?

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