Tuesday Bridge about Boston

Blue Heron Bridge at 5am run time
This is what I see when I hit the bridge for the 6 mi hill run on Tuesday mornings...

8mi. I did the usual warmup, hill repeats and cooldown, with a mental focus on what I have to get good at for Boston.  The emphasis should be on downhill, even though the focus for most runners is uphill – meaning the Newton Hills section. You hear so much about them, they’re later in the race, steep, short climbs, etc.  Bill Rodgers told my brother if he ever does Boston, to train for the downhills. Interesting advice from the 4x winner, so that’s what I thought about. Letting gravity take my weight and sticking my nose forward, this is what I know about downhill running.  And if done in a repetitive fashion, the muscles at the front of the knees will get strong enough to support good downhill running.  I can’t think of a better place to do the hill training, I wish there was!  Maybe some up & down at Dyer Park will be in order.

Not many people running BHB today, I gave Angie Miller the gel I promised her…  Chiara showed up early and was glad she did.  I took the picture shown here with my phone, that’s what things look like at 4:50am when I start running.

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