Esplanade revisited…

Walter & Dave stop by the Surfing Hall of Fame, Cavill Street. Gold Coast.

6mi. I went back to the Esplanade Surfer’s Paradise, this time with Walter. I wanted someone to be able to see what I’ve seen and report back to those at home about what a great place this is. After all, the witness protection program may strongly encourage relocation to Mercurio, MT. But I’m gonna pay the difference and upgrade to the Gold Coast in Australia!

We kept a moderate pace, good enough to talk the whole way.  We took some pictures, which when you see them, you just can’t believe they were done at moments before 6am, the sun is so high in the sky.  I didn’t think the streets had as many cyclists this day vs my last run on the same route. I don’t know if I will do any more significant runs before the marathon next week, which is fine.  I am guessing the adjusting to the time difference while working the whole week will be the issue.  Chemically, my system needs 4+ days to adjust when flying so far.  I can fake it at work and be awake for everything I need to participate in, but really I could be undermined by something unseen if I don’t pay attention to food, drink, and sleep upon getting home.

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