The Esplanade

Running along the Esplanade early am

8.75mi. I had no idea the sun lights the morning sky at 4:45am.  I had the blackout shades drawn in my room, when I woke up early, I figured the best thing I could do would be to iron everything I brought, so I wouldn’t need to do that any more on this trip. Having done the chores for the day, I opened the electric blinds (like I’m sealed in the room ’til waking) and saw it was perfectly well lit outside, and the sun was rising!  I put on a Palm Beach Road Runner’s shirt, a pair of underwear and a bathing suit. Not that I forgot to bring running shorts to Australia, but I forgot to bring running shorts to Australia!

It was a very nice morning, low 70s, and people were already out doing their fitness routines. I ran north along the Esplanade, which rivals Ft Lauderdale’s A1A beach stretch and Miami Beach’s boardwalk run. There are even little areas overgrown with a canopy of pine or evergreen trees! Many walkers, several runners, and plenty of cyclists zip down the same road, which winds past beautiful oceanfront resorts and high-rises.  I tried to keep pace below what I’ll do at next week’s marathon, I’ll figure out on USATF how far my run was.  I went North to Main Beach, turned and came back the same route.  There are several places along the way with restrooms, I used the sinks to sip water, very over-chlorinated water at that.  My turn around put me running into the breeze, which I enjoyed.  It was a slight bit warmer now that the sun rose higher, so a breeze was welcome.  I’ll take Walter on this run tomorrow, when his first night over the Pacific will have him dead tired tonight, but up early tomorrow morning.  This is worthy of one of the Runner’s World “Rave Run” pictures – it’s that neat of a place to be!  The names of surrounding beach communities in the area are Palm Beach, Miami, and Florida Gardens…  My attire was worthy of a few “second looks” as I passed people coming at me.  More of this route for me as the stay down under continues. Here’s my route – click on “satellite view” in the upper rt corner then zoom in along the purple route I ran to see the awesome beaches!

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