Sydney swimming!

Cook + Phillip Aquatic Centre
This is where I learn how far I have to go as a swimmer...

2000 metres. I try to come to the Cook Aquatic Centre each time I visit Sydney, it is directly in the middle of the city and popular among the locals.  I got there right when they opened at 6am, easy to do when the time difference nonsense had me up at 2:10am.  I was able to fall asleep again, so it was ok for me to make it there on time.

I loved that the lanes are always set as 50m long course, a luxury for me.  I chose to swim in a “medium” speed lane.  Nice idea!  As a result of this courageous decision, people were touching my feet, passing me, at times I finished each lap and waited at the wall so swimmers could pass me there, too. One time, an older lady passed me doing backstroke, I said to myself, “I really have to reinvent myself as a swimmer, this is crazy.”  Some consolation, I later saw she had flippers on!  Other guys were doing what looked to be a good and manageable pace, but they’d catch me on the long 50m stretch.  Once I was about 75% done with the laps I had intended to do, then I was able to keep up. I kept seeing the people in the slow lane, and figuring to myself – I know I could go faster than that! I definitely didn’t have a chance at using the fast lane on the other side of me.  It was an ok workout, I like going there and discovering just how great so many swimmers are here in Oz.

On the way out, I asked the lady at the front counter if she had a pin, swim cap, any kind of souvenir I could take with me. Being that I had just left most of my pride in their pool – I figured, I should at least leave with SOMETHING! She laughed. So did I!

50m lanes, indoor swimming in Sydney among the Aussies.

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