Mother’s Day

29mi. What a great day for riding with no winds or flaming temps to contend with. Chiara, Charlotte, Stanton and Carolyn all made a ride to Bridge Rd and back.  It was Chiara’s first ride since September.

Meeting up was fun, the larger Sunday group was surprised to see Chiara show up… Marty, Adrienne, Erica and Suzanne commented on the rare sighting!  Heading up towards the lighthouse, Chiara couldn’t switch gears on the big ring. It was worth a stop to get that right vs. furious pedaling to nowhere for the next 1.5 hrs. Carolyn had a mechanical issue also, the tiny bolts from her shoe clips fell out right on the approach to Lighthouse Park. We subbed some of the hardware from the unaffected shoe to give her some ability to pedal.  Going up we had a minor breeze that felt good, little traffic and no events. Chiara’s bike bumbled over two reflectors, but shy of a scare, no problems.  When we arrived at the turnaround, I fixed Carolyn’s shoe. On the first attempt, I mounted the clip incorrectly, preventing her from using the pedals properly. I didn’t have a snack to eat, but I did refill the water bottle I had brought.  Riding back was faster, we had the breeze at our backs and everyone used their confidence to press a better pace homeward. Carolyn led off the Island, hitching onto two groups at 21-22mph. I did small sprints of less than a mile to catch her and Charlotte, that felt good.  When we arrived at Loggerhead Park, we did a quick ocean swim of 1/4 mile. The water was calm and clear… a great end to a morning’s workout.

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