Notice the difference.

20mi. When I ride the tri bike, sleek and slender thing that it is, I use the aero bars as often as possible to keep my head out of the wind. On the mountain bike, no such luck!  I did my usual loop today, a wind of 18 mph from the ESE was there to make the first 7-8 miles like an uphill climb. I saw my speed dwindle into the low 15-16s and even slower climbing the bridge. Once I turned North and I wasn’t directly facing the wind, things were slightly better. I had my Nite Lite blow torch, what a gem that thing is! I’m going to order the helmet strap adapter and charger for the MiNewt little one so I can bring that to Colorado, plus use it on future rides as a helmet light.

Coming off Singer Island, I didn’t really feel like I was being pushed by a significant wind… as is the case when wind is involved. My final average speed was 16.0 mph.  I hope no big windy day for Thursday’s ride!

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