Some kick that swimming is.

2000 yards As the race is only a week away, my need to swim twice a week is peaking.  I feel chilled as I get in the pool, but I have to rush to work and discovery day tours so no delay.  Besides, 200 yards in, I don’t feel the pool water as cold anymore, by then I’m focusing on remembering the intervals and listening to the music the lifeguards have chosen for me that day. Country is the most popular, R&B second and classic rock rounds out the lot.  Even though I only had a small bit of kicking to do, I made sure I did it without fins, this part has to improve!

Warmup Set (300y)

2 x [50 swim @ 0:15 rest, 4 x 25 kick @ 0:15 rest]

Main Set (1400y)

8 x 175 (75 moderate/75 hard/25 sprint) @ 0:30 rest

Warmdown Set (300y)

200 easy-mod @ 4:20

100 drill

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