MiamiMan Triathlon 2010

What a day and what a race! Great conditions yielded my best day combining the three disciplines, a 5:04 time.  Swimming was 2-3 minutes better than last year, with the swim transition in a better spot for the bikes. People helped me out of my wetsuit this year, that was a luxury.  I started the ride realizing I had a slight tailwind – so this time I took advantage of that.  Riding felt very good until the final 13 miles home from the big square out in the crop fields.  I ran out of water/fluids, didn’t grab a bottle to go and could have used one. We pedaled back against the wind which sapped my average bike speed a bit.  Coming back to the run course, I realized I was not very well prepared to go fast off the bike. I could go ok, but needed drinks to replenish the 35 minutes of dry I experienced at the end of the ride.  I finished happy in 1:49, but know I can give a better run than that on a sunny day!  It was good to have John, Austin, Anita, Suzanna and Sal, Walter’s parents all in the crowd taking pictures and such.  Charlotte and I waited for Walter to come in, we got a few depleted pictures of ourselves together and then stocked the car for home. This was a wonderful race proving that my methods were working – now I want to hang on to this level of fitness.

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